Saturday, April 04, 2009

omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent?

went to a temple today

i m not very religious person and never did any of the rituals religiouly.
Temple visits used to be more for accompanying mom, or as all family together visit, (i took it as a a picnic)
Today i was just strolling on streets, had gone out for a cup of tea with Parle G :o

when i heard people singing in temple and just like that i crossed the road and went in, and then sat down.
It was near to aarti time, and i was trying to understand what they are singing, and then i decided better to enjoi the music...

>>i was wondering abt the subtle differences between hard rock and those temple bhajans they go up to the cresendo and u feel to join tht music by banging ur head, person immerses totally in the music, and feels in the zone, just want to submerge in those vibrations, in bhajans its more of enjoyment, praise of thee, but music is awesome.

>>i was lookin at the faces of ppl who were coming in the temple paying their regards to the god, doing their rituals. All had a different way! Some walk around the periphery, parikrama, some just sit down bow their heads, some just close the eyes. and murmur the prayer, others just a slight bow with hands closed, A few just keep on sounding that temple bell..

>>People who were returning back had that feeling of contentment on their face, is it faith? is it satisfaction coming from sub-consciousness?? is it feeling to be near to thee..or may be confidence that their prayers will be fulfilled. dont knw...

>I was feeling a strong vibration, and somehow i felt it coming from ppl around, their rituals, faiths, believes, it was a powerful thing emanating from them.

>>some in hurry, others just patient, smiling, savoring every moment.

>>I was looking at the decorations, the lightning, music systems, arrangements made by the management/trust.

>>A person sitting next to me, had taken the meditative pose, and closed his eyes. In that sea of people, he had given up all the care of himself, he was in a different zone, carefree of the surroundings, but taking a focus inside, or may be at the deity outside..

how wud u reach out to God?
nomad is still thinkin...

nomad is moving along..
though its a monotonous journey... but seems like a new perspective is dawning upon on him..
he is watching the various shades of life experienced by his fellow travellers ... some are happy waiting for the phase of their travel.. some are still struggling at the intense heat.'and some are forcefully moving along with all their own grit.
He is full with awe of the humans spirit.. keep moving forward. His own pains appear so meaningless at the moment.

Trying to encourage the entourage on the way.. indicating that the next stoppage is nearby, he is trying his bit, whatever little he could do...
Faith seems to be such a powerful word and yet a mirage at times... he doesn't know the destination lying ahead, but does believe that it will be all good and comfortable for all..

He sings, smiles, jokes, pokes, at the fellow travellers, ensuring they are moving along.. at times he looks at up the stars, but they are still silent, he grins .. let them rest in peace if they want to, we will move along...

instead of travelling alone as a lone nomad, he is realising that its such a selfish act.. instead he now wants to walk with everyone, sharing their travel, helping where he could, just nodding where he couldn't.. its a journey, and everyone is moving along for their own goals, but as fellow travellers, there is an unsaid bond between them that he cannot deny ...