Thursday, September 21, 2006

NOD your HEAD...!!

n after a vvvery looooonnnnggggg break...
Nomad decided to speak again..

Ohke it was not a "deep thinking" walla silence.. neither was nomad upset about anything or didnt had time to actually say anything...

"well.. actually there was nothing to say !!", nomad tries to convince the sky.
:-) hmmmm. Nomad knows thats a lie.. but he is thinking that lets better break the silence first and try to speak up.

Nomad is having an amusing thought in the mind that lately stars-in-the-sky have stopped talking to him. Earlier nomad used to share all stories to them, and they listened patiently, nodding their heads.

(you know when a star twinkles, its actually tryin to say something or like nodding the head... ~`think think)

Even after nomad went into a self-declared-i-wont-speak-now mode, these stars-in-the-sky
were guiding him, at times warning him, at times scolding him, but generally nodding their head at the direction and paths nomad had chosen during the day.
And then , as if they all realised at once that they were not getting their share of stories from nomad, they all went quiet. Like those children nomad had met last autumn in the huge-fair-where-cakes-were-sold-at-2knuts-and-3sickles , who became silent at once when they realised that children with ragged clothes dont get cakes even when they ask for one.

Nopes, stars-in-the-sky are not children with ragged clothes, ( though no cakes would be shared with them anyway) Nomad smiled at his amusing thoughts, but yes they are silent. Still nodding their head saying they wont speak to nomad till he strikes the conversation first.

"hmmm... ohhke so whts up..!!" he tried to speak and then waited for the reply.
more nodding of the heads but no reply..

( its not confusing even if there are millions of nodding heads you know, they all have a habit to nod at some time or other, though it requires a skill to see which star-in-the-sky has nodded head to speak..~~think think)

Nomad smiled, lookin at the horizon tryin to guess how much time is left for the mighty-sun-in-sky to rise up from HIS bed. oooohh.. its going to be a looong night then, ANd thus Nomad started his stories, of the past village, about the strange tree, about the mysterious smile of the temple priest, . . ....

stars-in-the-sky are all nodding their heads... ( few are sleepy though...)




well its nice to get a break. Watching solitude's life (by the way its my pet lizard;) ) sleeping as much as one wants.. and doing NoThiNG else..
last 6 months of the academic life have surfaced up from the ocean , though its great to hear that ( yippe no more classes but there wont be more bunks too..!!!! :( .. ) but i would miss my academic life..

may be its not the end.. its just one phase gone, academic life is inculacated and permeates in your every aspect of living. I guess it would remain forever there..
(hmmm.. have to try thinkin out subsittutes for bunks.. wht other could b so thrillin ..??)

apart from this.. everything going the same.. so nothing much to talk about..
(same joyous moments. same worries.. same head-banging-issues.. )

this post was just meant to break the silence ;)