Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter howl...

Shivering in the cold he is struggling to keep eyes open
Sitting silently near the warmth what was left of the last nights fire,
Lazy to stretch out or fear to let go the warmth trapped in folded body.
He was till content to wait,
till the first ray of sun could break out from that space between two buildings.

everyone on its own...
Another day.
To fight for food, to not get kick around and to come back saving the shelter.
Unlike summers where the evenings are fresh and the nights are comfortably breezin,
Night in winters dont sleep.
They are always awake, dark, gloomy and chilling.
Out in night he cannt afford to fall asleep.
He has to fight each minute, each hour for the warmth.
Concept of Brotherhood is fragile, and by now he knows this truth

He wondered at times looking at the skyscrapers, why are they so fortunate,
He could also play the tricks, he could also do the job, and please the bosses.

n gave a looong howl.


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Shekhar said...

Sorry to burst the bubble... the "long howl" reminded me of Himessssh bhai ka suroor. :D

On a serious note, nice post buddy. :) Keep writing.


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