Saturday, December 13, 2008

khwab ho tum ya?

Most of the times, i have a dreamless sleep. its quiet, its serene, ( and its addictive.. !)

no matter what the noise levels are let it be all music, tv, friends chatting, all lights on, marriage in neighbourhood..
(err there is a marriage hall in the neighbourhood in homeplace.. so someone is always marrying someone else. it seriously killed the charm of going to marriage parties.. ajji har hafte pados mein hoti hai)

it just never mattered...

honest confession:
only one thing irks me off ... the wall clocks tick tock... in the dead silent background
its irritating to such an extent .. that when i visit home now.. first thing i do is to take off the batteries from the clock in my room.. and then look where is the bed..

and once in a while.. some dream will be thrown in by lord morpheus, and i would be amused in the morning what the heck happened in there///trying a futile attempt to interpret them..

but they are getting too frequent now, i woke up one morning and mailed my friend if everything is allright at that end... and later knocked my head 'making a fool of myself' and laughed it away...

few days later, it happened again, and after waking up, i logged into messenger and asked other friend, 'oye..! everything ok with u'? ..
and back to senses, damn.. again??

somehow. suddenly i am having dreams and i get worried about my friends, i am wondering where are those priceless dreamless sleeps!

and this morning i dreamt something and in between i woke up to gulp water, thought what was i dreaming, realised it was a good idea/concept/story/thought i would better write it down..

and when i fully woke up in morning, bluup... it was gone.. something i thought/saw/dreamt and i don't know it now.

Don't know if this dreaming and forgetting is worse or dreaming and then remembering or not dreaming at all..
but how are u supposed to follow dreams when u keep forgetting them!!


At 11:50 PM, Blogger Shekhar said...

Read "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud. I guarantee you you'll start remembering your dreams... I did when I read the book.

However, don't blame anybody but yourself if you later realise that you didn't want to remember these dreams in the first place.


All the best!!


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