Thursday, October 09, 2008

raindrops keep fallin on my head...

n it rained again
It has never been a problem before, i have enjoyed rains since the schooltime... splashing in rains.. walking in rains.. hearing sounds of drops splattering on surfaces.. on tree leaves.. on the ground.. on the terrace of the neighbour.. trying to rhyme something with that splatter.. deciphering what they are saying, wondering about the water cycle and the life of those raindrops..
while going out i never cared a damn if its raining or if its not raining.. to have an umbrella or not..even if its raining it was as normal as walking in sunshine.. and that created hell lot of troubles for other fellas with whom i was moving.. coz they wud either pull me back or had to get drenched themselves.. and to their disappointment, i wud hardly get pulled back if its raining..

but this time it was different.. and like so many other things.. i never realized how i suddenly reached up here..
It was raining yesterday and here i was, standing under a make shift shed..
i couldn't return back to office and i could not go ahead... i just could not walk anyhow and was waiting...
i had my laptop with me, and was worried for its safety... i couldnt just walk out in the rain carefree and let the devil care waala mood...
i could not buy a cuppa tea/coffee.. as the chai walla wont take food coupons.. my value card is also a piece of crap.. i dnt carry cash any more with me.
i was not talking to the people around me, i was not looking at the sky and thinking about the water life cycle, i was getting hell bored.. i dont smile so often any more..

Dilios narrates about leonidas when he kneeled for xerxes:
"His helmet was stifling, it narrowed his vision. And he must see far. His shield was heavy. It threw him off balance. And his target is far away. "

n then it striked me..
aey.. wht the heck.. whts this happening..!
all this stuff.. is stifling me .!

nope.. i didnt just throw up the laptop n ran off.. i waited for raingod to appease down and then returned back to home splashing in all the water pools.. drowning my woodlands and pushing them to the limits.. putting my dhobi on spot if he notices this brown muddy trouser was jet black when he gave it to me in morning.

sigh.. we all grow up... but i do not wanna loose all that rain fun ...


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