Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sitting beside the fire, nomad is trying to think. ...
He had a fantastic day of travel today. Marvelling at the beauty of the village he just crossed. He looked at the horizon, figuring out what else is in store for tomorrow. .

The stars above are shinnig brightly, he acknowledges the presence of his companion.. the crescent moon .. near the mid-sky.

This is the most beautiful time, nomad had since ages. He is happy and feeling blessed, he is feeling close to the mother nature, he is feeling closer to thee...

He is reminded of an old folk song, he had listened in the childhood. When his grandpa used to tell him the stories of "the great journey" they had gone through. He always listened to those narrations with curiousity and had hoped that one day he would himself go and see all those places. No, he would go to a greater journey. He still remembers that granpa used to tell his experiences so intently that in between grandpa would forget him, looking at the horizons he would suddenly stop talking. As if those stories have come alive, and he is reliving them. And would sing this folk song, tapping the back of the small kid, tell he sleeps....

Tomorrow would be a new joureny, there will be new places, new experiences. If and only if he could cherish this great feeling for ever, if and only if he could just live like this for all his life. Smiling, sitting silently, with content . His soul is filled with a serenity, a peaceful calm.

He knows he has been through the most beautiful lanes today and that he wonders if could ever see a place so beautiful , ever in his journey ...




Exams are coming, and the sense of urgency comes, when the deadlines of project submissions are announced. All gears are thrown apart, food, sleep become luxuries of life.

And then suddenly an angel came, the fairy godmother and stops the time , to give the most eternal happiness, as if charging up the batteries.

The next day, I am smiling, I am silent and smiling, I am doing my work, completing the assignments, and when its over I am still smiling.

I didnt want to talk, I didnt want to say anything, I was happy , I was feeling the blessed state, as if attaining nirvana, very close to nirvana.
And after keeping quiet for whole day, I wanted to blast it off, it had all accumulated inside me, I could hardly contain it.

So, during the night walk I suddenly said, I want to run .. "run.??" ya i just want to run as fast as i can, i want to sprint, and i turned back and ran.. and ran as fast as i cud..

:-) i was smiling and running, i was feeling blessed and i was running, i was running with a joyful heart and soul. Its like when you are so happy that you want to yell or jump or dance,, i decided to just run..

When i joined my friends again, few said i got crazy.." i know you are unpredictable, but there is a limit between craziness and normal behaviour. "

I looked at the stars above and uttered


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It appears that nomad is always moving like free will, zephyr.. shrugging off all the responsiblities and having the distant horizon as the destination. To live a stagnant life, is like putting shackles on his soul.

But a Nomad is always carryin the memories, of the ones he loved , of the ones he left...

He knows they are always with him, He feels their presence, at night when he tries to take some rest, then looking in the starlit sky he talks with them, he smiles, laughs, shares his worries, discuss the course of his journey for next day with them.. ..

They all are travelling with him, the whole world that he left behind is accompanying him in his journey and this fills his heart with all joy...


The worst part of management education, is when you start applying the tools in your personal life.
Cost benefit Analysis, Activity Based Costing, wealth maximisation, hedging tools, leveraging..
Its the perfect recipe to bring havoc if one starts to guide his actions based on these seemingly logical and profit increasing instruments.

Emotions are thrown out from these equations, i dont want to become a logical analytical computing device.

It hurts...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am reviving my blog..

Totally dedicated and guided by the "nomadism" within me. Enjoying my journey, sometimes full with awe, other times wondering. Fascinated by the different shades of this colourful life, the nomad is raring to go...