Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have you seen my Chair ??

And lo behold!!...
somebody stole my chair

Its one of those days, when you enter the office building with a determination "I will do something today", and the whole enthu-thing douses the moment one reaches the desk. "Something is missing here"..
hmmm... it then struck like a lightening.. "oye meri chair kahan hai!..."
My desk is still at the same place, so is the computer system.. and all the trash papers and pens (that no longer writes...) but whts the use of these all.. in the absence of my swinging chair.

Many a times of despair, swinging around in my chair had done wonders. Its a multi utility piece of comfort i must tell you, it provides an emotional comfort and sense of peace,.. as if i have a place to sit down and do some work and not run around in frenzied manner. What if today server has crashed, no worries be blessed coz i have a chair to swing around...

I m still reeling with the shock, and by now have cleaned a portion of my desk to at least sit down and look around for suscetible culprit. Who could be the merciless cold blooded kidnapper, must be a revenge plot.. naah..

i dialled the help desk number and tried to convince the person on other end how crticial it is for met to have a chair. what if I have a mission critical job to be completed withing the dwindling deadline, but I cannt work, without the chair!!!

Should I post a notice to give reward for "returning the chair".. but i dont knw if this reward could be attractive enough in return for the chair.

"why are you sitting on the desk.."..
"hey where is your chair.."
.... Sigh..