Friday, November 17, 2006


Bugs can sense the coldness, around..
Those warm sunshines disappear quickly, and cold nights are getting looonger
~~hurry hurry.. we have to leave the valley.. the seniormost bug coughed

Looking at distant horizon, sniffing the air moving his antennae in those "weather forecasting ways", estimating the extent of ice cover...

He then looks at his grand grraaand graand kids and their grandkids. They were all busy in packing up the things, he smiled.. i lived my life fully and saw amazing things (its been a week i was born in the valley)

but.. these kiddos.. they cud only listen to the stories now.. of the valley
abt those fairies.. tht fainting smell of flowers

Alas.. our world is coming to an end.. the ICE AGE coming.. when our world will be under thick ice sheet for 4-5 looooooooong months..!!

WHY good Bug-lord why??

sigh..its one of those mysterious ways of bug-lord..