Tuesday, April 29, 2008

House Number 1-52

lets start from the beginning..

we had shifted our room. from what is said to be dusty, smelly, dark, hurricane-aaya tha-or -earthquake waala home to a grand, shinny, u-can-see-your-face-at-the-floor room. Though I strongly disagree with those opinions, i found the earlier one more comfortable, and i-can-see-a-part-of-me-in-this-home sort of feeling waala home. We kept it clean (to our standards of cleanliness) and things were kept at their places (which only and only the keeper could "discover"… security dekh rahein hain aap) and utilized to the last inch.
Moreover, I am unable to see my face in the floor... (what an exaggeration.! jaaaniii .jinnke floor sheeshe ke baane hote hain woh.. bade hi confusion mein rehte hain… ohke that won pathetic Pj of the week.. congratulate me[-( )

story about earlier room:-
As i said we had utilized every nook and corner of every room. The bedroom looked more like pandora's box.. you can find eatables, non-eatables, aise clothes, waise clothes, laptops, chargers, broken gadgets that never worked, gadgets not broken but still don’t work, more clothes, more cables, chargers, boxes, you name it and you will find it…
The hall was our playground-cum-store room-cum-drying room (kapde kahan dry honge!) –cum-temple room- cum- library room. And kitchen to.. ohke i m not tellling about kitchen ... leaving it for your own creative imagination ;p)
Sigh.. it was a blissful place. Waking up early (?) in the morning with the chirruping of buffaloes , rearranging the newspaper thrown by our newspaper boy/gal/man/someone we had never ever seen.But then… all good things get over so soon.

About this place, errr after few days n nights of awe and yeh-kahan-aa-gaye-hum waali feeling, we decided to give more thrust to “change” and make it a radical life improvement drive. :o
Do's and Dont's were framed and pledged upon. hum kasam khate hain ki...
“How to live life king size”.
Wish-list was submitted by each member of panel and after brainstorming, rejecting, surveying , kahani suna-ying, the final draft of the shopping list was accepted.

Shopping bug...
Bhaag daud : round 1 Sleeping mattress:
Yeh gadde jo hote hain .. wade hi critical hote hain by god…
Bought excess mattresses.. saare ghar ko gaddon se bhar doonga..

Bhaag daud: round 2 TV
ajji gaye to electric press lene the.. par shopping bug ne kat kahaya…
Ab Tv hai to tv table to chahiye hi na hoga kaka..

Bhaag daud: round 3 ( adoosi padoosi wondering yeh ho ka raha hai…)
Fridge hu na chahiye na bhai… your wish is my command
Newsclippings: Consumerism hits new hights… people go to market to buy mojja and purchase a fridge along with it.!!

Snippets from tele-conversation:
Bhai yeh mil raha hai 150L..
>Uthaa la
Yaar isska colour pasand nahi aa raha .. yeh laal wala mast hai 180 L
>Utthaa la…errrr colour ke liye 30L ka increment??
Ab fridge aa jaayega to saman se bhar bhi jaayega.. colour mast hai
>Uttha la
( Motto of aaj ka youth … Uttha laa !!.. ae ganpat.)

Bhag Daud: round 4 Kitchen shopping
We would like to have chapattis in dinner..
Chappati >> need chakla belan ..need tong> (Requirement gathering dekh rahe hai na aap)

BBBi (bhola bhala bachelaor insaan):- bhai ek chakla belan do.
SLFSF (bored shopkeer looking for sme fun):- kaunsa waala
BBBi: errrr.. chappati banaane wala
SLFSF>> @#)@!(#@)#
oyye chootu .. chakla belan dekha saaab ko chapatti banana waala (looks from top to bottom and then bottom to top)

Chootu>> 6 types ka available hai yeh dekho..

BBBi> (harain pareshan… kyaa aap panchvi paas se tej hai?? ) jee 6 types..??
(illustration of Product differentation!! .. wah mere desh)

Managed to explain shopkeeper apni majboori.. 2 root ka sawal hai kaka.. jo kuch chahiye hota hai sab pack kar de.. tera ehsaan jindagi bhar nahi bholoenge

SLFSF:> muhhahahaha.. jaani yeh bacchon ke khilone ki dukan nahi…. Agli bar aas paas bhi mat dekhai diyo

Yours truly backed out from further traumas of bhaag daud for anything remotely related to Kitchen…

Bhag Daud : round 5 Yeh boxing match hai kya… kab khatam hoga bhai
Naye ghar ka chakaar babu bhai... ghar kabhi shift kariyo naa.. ghar kabhi shift kariyo na…
(iss kahani mein twist hai, suspense hai, deraama hai.. ab to song bhi aa gaya.!!!)

It happened to be the last trip for yours truly, bean bag (last laugh is the best laugh) a book rack, iron table (why why why on earth.. I have no reason.. damn the shoppin bug)

Kitchen is all set.. fridge is standing as the symbol of chillin out.. and bean bag at the center of the hall is the king of comfort.
and with book rack .. (I believe in miracles.. bkgrnd music.. toodoo todoo)

but ahem.. humein kya pata tha.. it was a beginner's luck wala joy..

kushti to aabhi baki hai doston...
2 b cntd...